Docket Alarm Expands Coverage: Welcome Kankakee County, Illinois, and Rockdale County, Georgia!

Coming off the recent addition of Wisconsin State, Docket Alarm continues to expand its coverage to include Kankakee County, Illinois, and Rockdale, Georgia.

Coverage includes the Circuit Court of Kankakee County, Illinois, and the State, Magistrate, and Superior Courts in Rockdale, Georgia. With this update, our coverage in Illinois now spans four counties, while Georgia's coverage reaches an impressive 154 counties, bringing us close to complete statewide coverage.

Stay tuned for future updates as Docket Alarm continues to expand its coverage.

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Docket Alarm Expands Coverage to Wisconsin State

Exciting news for legal practitioners in the Badger State: Docket Alarm has broadened its coverage to Wisconsin, encompassing all 72 counties, including key cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. This expansion provides access to Circuit Court data dating back to 2017.

Users can leverage our platform to search and analyze cases based on various parameters such as firm names, party names, case types, judges, and more.

With the addition of Wisconsin, Docket Alarm now has access in 35 states and over 1,340 counties.

Stay tuned for future updates as Docket Alarm continues to expand its coverage.

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Explore the New Synergies between Docket Alarm and Vincent AI

Subscribers of our sister product, Vincent AI, just gained additional value from their Docket Alarm subscriptions. The new “Analyze Document” skill marks a next-generation leap towards Vincent AI becoming a full-fledged legal research co-pilot.

Vincent AI can now analyze any type of legal document from Docket Alarm– complaints, motions, patents, trademarks, orders and more. Some examples of Vincent AI’s analysis include:
  • Extract and Analyze Claims - This skill outlines the claims stated in a complaint, along with the citations, facts, witnesses, and parties for each claim.
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New Feature: Motion Analytics in Delaware Chancery

Docket Alarm now features Pleading Tags and Motion Analytics in state courts.

Pleading tags, launched for federal courts in 2022, apply universal identifiers to docket entries, making it easier to quickly read a docket sheet. The pleading tags also power motion analytics, allowing users to learn how likely a particular motion type is to succeed.

Delaware’s Court of Chancery is the first state court to receive motion analytics.

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Docket Alarm Expands Kansas and Texas Coverage

Exciting news from Docket Alarm: we've expanded our coverage in Kansas and Texas! In Kansas, we now cover Shawnee and Wyandotte counties, while in Texas, we now cover Bell County, Wichita County, Jasper County, and Gonzales County. With these additions, Docket Alarm now covers a total of 61 counties in Texas and 37 in Kansas.

This expansion brings our total county coverage to over 1,270. Stay updated with Docket Alarm as we continue to expand our coverage.

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Legal tech disruptors vLex and Fastcase merge to form world’s largest global law library

Washington, DC and Miami, FL. April 4, 2023.– vLex and Fastcase, two of the largest, fastest-growing legal technology companies, announced today that they are merging to form the world’s largest law firm subscriber base with more than one billion legal documents from more than 100 countries.

Unparalleled Access to Delaware Court of Chancery with Docket Alarm

We are thrilled to announce that Docket Alarm has expanded its coverage to include the Delaware Court of Chancery, making the platform even more indispensable for legal professionals.

As the go-to court for major business disputes and the incorporation capital of America, the Delaware Court of Chancery plays a crucial role in shaping the legal landscape. By adding this court to our platform, Docket Alarm provides an all-in-one solution.

Docket Alarm now offers:

  • Tracking: Receive new case alerts and stay on top of existing cases with filings delivered within two hours of being filed. Never miss a critical update in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

  • Search: Perform full-text searches comprehensively across all pleadings, motions, and orders going back to 2004, giving you instant access to the information you need.

  • Analytics: Gain insights on attorney representation, law firm activity, and litigation trends in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

  • API: Integrate the latest filings and case data directly into your law firm systems with our robust API.

Explore our complete coverage on our website.

Delaware Court of Chancery cases are included with any Docket Alarm subscription - sign up or upgrade today to get started.

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Docket Alarm Releases Powerful BI Tool for Motions in Federal Courts at ILTACon

Collaboration with Judicata Technology Moves One Step Closer to Universal DMS

Washington, DC (August 18, 2022)–Docket Alarm by Fastcasetoday released a powerful new business intelligence tool for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Docket Alarm for eDiscovery

eDiscovery is a crucial part of modern court cases. Today’s correspondence, documents, and other pieces of evidence are often stored in electronic formats, as our culture continues to shift digital.
Docket Alarm supports eDiscovery vendors that are looking for law firm and attorney leads with upcoming eDiscovery deadlines. Let’s walk through what eDiscovery is and how Docket Alarm helps eDiscovery vendors.

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, is the process of uncovering or collecting electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation to support court cases and respond to requests in lawsuits or investigations.

Docket Alarm's New Integration with Courtroom Insight

Docket Alarm is excited to announce a new integration with Courtroom Insight, a litigation knowledge management solution. The integration is set to improve the way the legal publishing world works together on connecting and sharing data to serve clients with better access to facts and research. Now, Courtroom Insight (CRI) users benefit from Docket Alarm's database of over half a billion documents when browsing expert witness and judicial profiles.

What is Courtroom Insight?

Courtroom Insight helps firms manage litigation knowledge and is used by Am Law 200 law firms so they can combine information about private firms with other important data.

How to Find a Case When There Is No Good Case Type Field

Docket Alarm helps attorneys like you find the legal information you need, faster. Only with more knowledge about cases and lawsuits can you analyze outcomes for a true competitive advantage for your practice.

Our Founder and Managing Director Michael Sander is delivering search tips to help you optimize your search even more using Docket Alarm. Here’s some helpful info about how to search for a case by its subject matter using the tool.

Search Tip: Find a case of a particular type even when there is no good case type field

Sometimes you want to search for a case by its subject matter, but there is no good case "type" or "nature of suit" field that captures this.

New Docket Alarm Enhance Feature Empowers Use of Litigation Data Feeds

Litigation data feeds can often be overwhelming for law firms. Valuable time is taken to manually sift through cases, often, with no access to underlying sources or materials. Litigation feeds should be easier to manage and read, with links to complaints and docket sheets that can lead to actionable insights a firm can use to better serve their clients.

With this goal in mind, Docket Alarmbuilt a solution that combines the power of an email processing system with an adaptable litigation docket research tool.

Docket Alarm Reaches New Milestone: Half a Billion Documents Now Available in Database

In a record-breaking expansion to 500,000,000 legal documents in their database, Docket Alarm offers law firms unique competitive advantage opportunities.

Docket Alarm hasproven itself to be a leader in litigation analytics and data-based judicial profiles. Today we are excited to announce that they havereached a milestone of making half a billion legal documents available for litigators and subscribers gathering legal analytics and insights.

Support your firm's unique strategy with one-click analytics from Docket Alarm

Analytics Just Got Easier

One-click analytics have made it easier than ever to quickly create analytics for any Firm, Judge, Attorney, or Party.


Find detailed analytics on those three categories with just a few clicks. These analytics will provide insight to support your firm’s unique strategy and business development. The analytics below were generated by one click.

Schedule a demo
with the Docket Alarm team to learn more about how the Analytics Workbench can meet your needs!

New Features: Track and organize your cases so you can focus on litigation.

WithDocket Alarm, you can search millions of lawsuits, track cases on any device, keep track of deadlines, and analyze outcomes for competitive advantage.

Now, when tracking a search on Docket Alarm, you can limit the results in email alerts to only recently filed dockets or documents. Docket Alarm is constantly back-filling the historical record of older cases. You now have an option to filter out these older cases (see image below).

Ready to get started? Users can now quickly track all of their cases by attorney/firm, docket number, or party.
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