Explore the New Synergies between Docket Alarm and Vincent AI

Subscribers of our sister product, Vincent AI, just gained additional value from their Docket Alarm subscriptions. The new “Analyze Document” skill marks a next-generation leap towards Vincent AI becoming a full-fledged legal research co-pilot. 

Vincent AI can now analyze any type of legal document from Docket Alarm– complaints, motions, patents, trademarks, orders and more. Some examples of Vincent AI’s analysis include:
  • Extract and Analyze Claims - This skill outlines the claims stated in a complaint, along with the citations, facts, witnesses, and parties for each claim. Vincent then explores the questions that a lawyer would ask to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each cause of action for each claim.
  • Generate Defenses to Each Claim - Vincent AI can propose defenses to each listed claim and provide supporting authority.
  • Create Follow-up Questions for Clients - Create a questionnaire for clients or other parties which targets the information needed to respond to the uploaded filing. For example, in a copyright action, Vincent AI will prompt inquiry into which policies a party had in place to prevent infringement. 
Watch the demo of Vincent AI's new Analyze Document feature here.
Be on the lookout for more exciting synergies between Docket Alarm and Vincent AI soon!

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