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eDiscovery is a crucial part of modern court cases. Today’s correspondence, documents, and other pieces of evidence are often stored in electronic formats, as our culture continues to shift digital.
Docket Alarm supports eDiscovery vendors that are looking for law firm and attorney leads with upcoming eDiscovery deadlines. Let’s walk through what eDiscovery is and how Docket Alarm helps eDiscovery vendors.

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, is the process of uncovering or collecting electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation to support court cases and respond to requests in lawsuits or investigations. ESI may include:

  • Emails
  • Electronic documents
  • Databases
  • Audio files
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • Website content
  • And more

eDiscovery essentially involves any information relevant to a case that is in an electronic format.

What is an eDiscovery vendor?

eDiscovery vendors are third parties that help with the eDiscovery process, including processing, preparing, or storing ESI. Vendors help with eDiscovery procedures and consultants may also advise law firms or attorneys on the best approach to eDiscovery projects. Other companies provide eDiscovery software which helps with the search process, whether using keywords or automated search and filtering tools to find relevant information.

What is Docket Alarm?

Docket Alarm helps legal professionals search through millions of lawsuits and cases and analyze legal outcomes. Attorneys can search through court records by title, case number, or issue, and within federal, state, or specialty courts.

How Docket Alarm works for eDiscovery vendors

Docket Alarm now helps eDiscovery vendors with a lead generation tool. Vendors can search and track documents and set up alerts. Here are key steps in the process:

  1. Search: Vendors can look through any firm or company’s eDiscovery timelines using Docket Alarm.
  2. Outreach: Browse millions of cases and view info like eDiscovery due dates and detailed contact information for firms and lawyers.
  3. Alerts: Vendors can set up alerts on specific law firms or clients and track cases that have eDiscovery coming up.

Docket Alarm makes it easier for eDiscovery vendors to find clients to help them through the discovery process. With automated alerts and deadline tracking, companies will never miss an opportunity to generate more leads. Learn more by signing up for Docket Alarm today!

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