Docket Alarm Unveils OpenAI-Powered API Endpoints

Docket Alarm's latest update streamlines workflows and enhances decision-making by introducing the power of OpenAI’s models to our API. Beta access is now live for our first two OpenAI endpoints, Judgment Extraction and Ask a Docket. 

Judgment Extraction:
This endpoint returns judgment information from any case in Docket Alarm’s library. Simply enter a docket number and corresponding court name. When judgment data is located, the Judgment Extraction endpoint retrieves verdict data, including:
  • Judgment Winner
  • Winner Type
  • Judgment Interest
  • Attorney’s Fees
  • Judgment Costs
  • Total Judgment Amount
  • Judgment Type
Ask a Docket: 
This endpoint harnesses language processing to extract structured values from Docket Alarm's database. Enter a docket number and court name, then pose questions about a docket and specify an answer format. Ask a Docket returns detailed answers in a matching format, paired with a citation to relevant docket data. At scale, the endpoint provides an excellent method for streamlining mass data research and entry. An example is as follows:
  • Question: "Is this case pre or post discovery?"
  • Answer: “Discovery is not complete in this case.”
  • Relevant Docket Data:
  • "date": "3/15/2024", 
  • "contents": ". . . Fact discovery to be completed by 5/1/2024. . ."
Docket Alarm’s API continues to empower users with the tools needed to accelerate decision-making, enhance efficiency, and drive better outcomes. Read more about these endpoints in Docket Alarm’s API Specification and be certain to check back for more exciting updates.

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