Docket Alarm's New Integration with Courtroom Insight

Docket Alarm is excited to announce a new integration with Courtroom Insight, a litigation knowledge management solution. The integration is set to improve the way the legal publishing world works together on connecting and sharing data to serve clients with better access to facts and research. Now, Courtroom Insight (CRI) users benefit from Docket Alarm's database of over half a billion documents when browsing expert witness and judicial profiles.

What is Courtroom Insight?

Courtroom Insight helps firms manage litigation knowledge and is used by Am Law 200 law firms so they can combine information about private firms with other important data. Firms can gather and analyze the information they need for cases about judges, arbitrators, expert witnesses, and attorneys, which help them strengthen their knowledge about the system. The platform allows attorneys to find the best expert witnesses out there, select the right arbitrator, and evaluate judges.

What is Docket Alarm?

Docket Alarm helps lawyers search for lawsuits and cases from anywhere within any court system. Access to previous arguments and data helps firms improve how they approach each of their cases. Docket Alarm has over 500 million legal records stored in its database, and over 300,000 new documents and dockets are added every day. The database covers information about court litigation in 33 states. Users can even set up alerts to get new court activity updates, like when a new lawsuit is filed against something matching their search.

Docket Alarm is one of Fastcase’s smart legal software solutions that help law professionals can work more efficiently.

How the new integration will work

Fastcase’s Docket Alarm will now integrate with Courtroom Insight to enrich the research experience for those using the CRI platform.

The result of this partnership is better data outcomes for legal professionals. Docket Alarm's content will be separated by judge and expert witness and then integrated into Courtroom Insight. When searching for expert witnesses and judges within Courtroom Insight, users will find direct links to Docket Alarm entries that will enrich their research and litigation practice.

If you're not already a Courtroom Insight subscriber, sign up for an account here. Not convinced? Their platform combines internal information (who has worked with whom, private performance reviews, internal documents) with critical external data including integrated content from Docket Alarm and other providers.

Learn more about the partnership between Docket Alarm and Courtroom Insight here.

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