About Us

Docket Alarm was founded by an engineer turned intellectual property attorney, growing from its experience serving clients.

When a client asked its firm to file a petition in a then new jurisdiction (the PTAB), preparation included reading and summarizing every court pleading and putting the result into a spreadsheet.

The benefits of quick access became clear: analyzing case details (e.g., likelihood of winning, duration, procedural issues), all became easy.

As the project grew, a spreadsheet turned into a database, which became Docket Alarm. Today, Docket Alarm has over 650M dockets and documents, the largest of its kind. A robust database in an easy-to-use interface, with fast sorting, filtering, and aggregate analysis. Legal professionals can get the information they need faster.

What is Docket Alarm

Dockets are at the heart of many legal workflows, e.g., litigation strategy, calendaring, research, business development, and calculating legal risk. Docket Alarm's aim is to provide coverage for every litigation docket, with relevant information extracted and made actionable.

The three pillars of the Docket Alarm platform:

  • Content: The richest legal database, covering the most jurisdictions with the deepest possible depth of coverage, retrieved as fast as possible;
  • Analysis: Deep analysis of docket entries, docket metadata, and underlying pleadings to extract clean normalized legal insights about lawsuits;
  • Design: Easy-to-use workflows that can be picked up by any legal professional without training.

How We Have Grown

Docket Alarm and Fastcase are both focused on creating industry-leading tools to make legal research easier and intuitive. Realizing that they were stronger together, Fastcase acquired Docket Alarm in January 2018 and since then they have blossomed.

Fastcase continues to help forward-thinking lawyers and legal professionals navigate the law faster and smarter to democratize legal services while Docket Alarm helps them streamline rote litigation processes, so they can focus on what really matters – the substance.

Our Vision

Litigation matters can be organized automatically. Lets allow attorneys to focus on substance.