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RFC Express May be Gone, but Look to Docket Alarm for a Replacement

RFC Express was, until recently, a well-known IP litigation alert provider that offered easy access to case alerts at a reasonable rate. Unfortunately, the service has appeared to have shuttered its doors. Many users stopped receiving case alerts without warning.

Fortunately, former RFC Express users are not left without options. Docket Alarm can meet all of their research needs and much more.

Blazing Fast Alerts Over a Comprehensive Database

Like RFC Express, Docket Alarm offers users access to IP cases from U.S. Federal District Courts.

Are You Following the FitBit v. Jawbone ITC Investigations?

San Francisco-based activity tracker startup, Fitbit, Inc., filed a complaint on November 2 with the ITC, requesting an investigation in the importation and sale of activity tracking devices by AliphCom, more commonly known as Jawbone, and BodyMedia, Inc. Fitbit alleges these devices, which included Jawbone’s “UP” product line and the “UP” App, infringe on claims in three of its patents.

The ITC is well known to be a fast-moving patent venue.While thedocket might indicate that not muchhas happened since the case was filed in November, in the next three months, an important substantive hearing (claim construction) will be in April 2016 and a final decision from the judge is due in less than a year.To receive the latest developments as FitBit’s ITC investigation unfolds, attorneys can setup tracking with Docket Alarm forthis docketto receive email alerts.

Use Docket Alarm to Supplement Your Legal Research

While major legal research providers have extensive coverage of court cases, their coverage is not comprehensive. By using Docket Alarm’s research engine in conjunction with other research providers such as Westlaw and LexisNexis, attorneys can be sure they have access to every federal docket, Patent Trial and Appeal Board docket, and International Trade Commission investigation.

Federal Courts PACER

While some of the large legal research engines have around 160,000 documents / year in their federal case databases, Docket Alarm keep tabs on over 250,000 federal court documents each year. Docket Alarm links directly to the PACER database, enabling attorneys to search for and download new cases uploaded to PACER before they become available in other databases.

Docket Alarm Enters Private Beta

We are proud to announce the Docket Alarm has entered private beta. Select users can enter the site and get updates to all Federal Court litigation and I.T.C. litigation. As we gain more confidence in the system, we will be opening it up to more users. If you would like to be included in the beta program, please email
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