Removing a Page From Docket Alarm

If you see a document or link on Docket Alarm that you believe should be private, you can use this page to suppress the result so that it does not appear in search engine results.

Why is your case on Docket Alarm?

Information on Docket Alarm is public record. If your case is part of the public record, it will appear on Docket Alarm.

Cases We Remove

Docket Alarm will suppress cases that implicate personal privacy, especially if they involve minors or can lead to harassment. In fact, we automatically suppress cases that mention minors or are clearly personal (e.g., social security, divorces, many others). If you see something that you believe should not be online, please submit a request so we can review it.

Docket Alarm will not take down everything, particularly cases that have a strong public interest or where corporations are on both sides of the case. We also do not honor suppression requests that are brought by legal professionals that wish to be disassociated with a case. Information on Docket Alarm is ultimately public record, so we reserve the right to deny a request, or to make no decision on a request.

How to Get a Page Suppressed

To remove a page from search engine results, fill out the form below. In order to remove a page, we will need your contact information, as well as case information identifying the page you would like suppressed.

How Long Will it Take?

We usually make a decision on a submission within 5 business days. When that happens, you will receive an email confirming the removal, and the case will be immediately suppressed on Docket Alarm.

However, search engines (e.g., Google) take significantly longer to remove content from their system, and search result snippets may still be active for several weeks after we suppress it. Unfortunately, we do not control what search engines display. We can request that they remove a snippet, but ultimately it is up to them to take it down.

What Does it Cost?

Nothing. We do not charge for suppressing pages from Docket Alarm.

Removal Form

Contact Information

Page to Be Suppressed

Enter the link you would like suppressed or both the court and docket number. Submitting both helps speed up the request.

Only one link per request. If you would like to suppress multiple pages, submit multiple requests.

If you do not have a link to the case, then you may submit the court name and docket number.


A one or two sentence statement on why you want this link suppressed (300 characters maximum).