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Docket Alarm Unveils OpenAI-Powered API Endpoints

Docket Alarm's latest update streamlines workflows and enhances decision-making by introducing the power of OpenAI’s models to our API. Beta access is now live for our first two OpenAI endpoints, Judgment Extraction and Ask a Docket.

Judgment Extraction:
This endpoint returns judgment information from any case in Docket Alarm’s library. Simply enter a docket number and corresponding court name. When judgment data is located, the Judgment Extraction endpoint retrieves verdict data, including:
  • Judgment Winner
  • Winner Type
  • Judgment Interest
  • Attorney’s Fees
  • Judgment Costs
  • Total Judgment Amount
  • Judgment Type
Ask a Docket:
This endpoint harnesses language processing to extract structured values from Docket Alarm's database.
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New Partnership with Zapier, Integrating U.S. Court Data with Over 500 Applications

Docket Alarm has announced a new partnership with data-sharing platform, Zapier. With this partnership, Docket Alarm members will be able to access U.S. court data from over 500 different apps, opening a world of exciting integration possibilities.

As more software is being delivered over the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for legal professionals to sync data across systems.

Automate Financial Due Diligence with Docket Alarm

Commercial banks, investment banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions spend an inordinate amount of time on due diligence: researching a potential debtor’s financial history and quantifying the amount of risk of a particular investment or loan. Much of this diligence can be automated.

There are hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies filed every year. Banks and other financiers use Docket Alarm to research personal and commercial bankruptcy records. Financial institutions can easily see if a potential corporate customer is solvent or has declared bankruptcy in the past. Using Docket Alarm’s API, searches can be automated, leading to an enormous savings in efficiency over manual searching.

In addition to bankruptcies, Docket Alarm automates access to court recordsinvolving your clients' and debtors’ litigation.

Online Background Check Services and API - the Cost Effective Way

Professionals use Docket Alarm to conduct background checks on potential clients, partners, investments, and more. Docket Alarm can identify red flags, like past or pending federal litigation, involvement in bankruptcy proceedings, and even disputes over IP assets.

While you can search for a company’s background information on Docket Alarm’s robust search platform, the real utility is in Docket Alarm’s ability to automate these types of checks. Using Docket Alarm’s API (Application Programming Interface), you can set up recurring background checks on particular entities or individuals.

Filtering Search Results by Title Now Available

We've been busy at Docket Alarm evaluating your product improvement requests and implementing time-saving changes while conducting your legal research. One new small but powerful refinement that will help you narrow your search is an ability to filter by title. Here is what we mean.

When you perform a search for say, "Apple v. Samsung" you get results for all dockets containing these keywords anywhere in the docket text. While this type of broad search may help you start with a bird's eye overview, sometimes you may want to narrow the results to just docket titles that contain this text.

So where is this feature located? In the search bar you'll notice a gear icon just before the court drop down menu.

Easier Than Ever to Access U.S. Courts and PACER with an API

Docket Alarm is proud to announce the release of an API client library to access court documents on PACER. An API allows software developers to build programs that access data in a structured way.