Easier Than Ever to Access U.S. Courts and PACER with an API

Docket Alarm is proud to announce the release of an API client library to access court documents on PACER.  An API allows software developers to build programs that access data in a structured way. Software developers use APIs to integrate data into their applications. Docket Alarm’s API gives other applications full access to every federal court case in Docket Alarm’s databases, including access to the entire PACER database. An API client makes the process of connecting to an API easier, and Docket Alarm is happy to announce that it is giving its client away for free.

But why would you want to use Docket Alarm’s API for PACER? The purposes are numerous, including:
  • Document Sharing: Sharing dockets and filings among attorneys can be made much easier. Docket Alarm’s API can be integrated into the interoffice drop-box, so attorneys have all relevant dockets and cases in their case folder automatically.
  • Legal Marketing: Marketers that sell services to legal professionals can automatically see which attorneys are currently representing which clients in the latest lawsuits, and integrate this information directly into their CRM like Salesforce. Each lead can automatically trigger sending marketing materials to those attorneys.
  • Conflict Checking: Checking for conflicts of interest for potential clients can take time. Firms can plug Docket Alarm’s API directly into their conflict checking software to determine if they can engage a potential client in a newly filed lawsuit.
  • Background Checks: Businesses can use Docket Alarm’s API to conduct background checks to see if companies and individuals have filed for bankruptcy, been subject to federal criminal prosecution, or have been involved in a federal lawsuit. 

But the possibilities are really endless.  You can use Docket Alarm’s API for anything you can dream up. If you have a new idea of how you want to use the API, let us know and we would be happy to setup a demonstration.

Read more about the newly released API client.

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