Docket Alarm Enhance

Turn data into positive client outcomes.

Enhance litigation reports with links to dockets and complaints.
Enhance takes your spreadsheet of company names or docket numbers and creates a new one with additional relevant info, including parties, attorneys, firms, judges, status, and important motions.
Enhance the following reports
  • Spreadsheets listing docket numbers.
  • Spreadsheets listing company names.
  • One-off case notifications.
  • Firm databases: Matter management, DMS, CRM.
  • Your custom reports (ask us!).
Added data columns
  • Link to docket sheet.
  • Link to complaint (when available).
  • Parties, Judges, Law firms, Attorneys (with contact info).
  • Case status, with recent docket entries.
  • Premium: Motion list, with SALI codes.
  • Premium: Plaintiff / party analytics.
  • Premium: Judge analytics.
  • Premium: Law firm analytics.
Enterprise options
  • Sync your matter management system or DMS with live court data.
  • Enhance reports directly from your database via API.
  • Customizable templates available for branded firm reports.
Start analyzing litigation data today.
Legal data analysts, knowledge management teams, and biz-dev groups use Enhance to enrich client alerts, update/search cases in bulk, and synchronize data across multiple systems.
Use an online uploader, or just forward existing reports via email.
Upload your spreadsheet
Go to the Docket Alarm Enhance dashboard to drop your sheet into the uploader. In just a few clicks, you’ll have an enhanced document returned back to you.
Forward your spreadsheet
Forward an email to Enhance, we'll enhance the attachment. Set up auto-forwarding rules any time you get a dinger or report.
Plans & Details
We have pricing plans for firms of any size. Find the right option for your organization below.
Start: Your Data Upgrade
Perfect for firms looking to only enhance a few rows a day at no additional cost.
5 rows/day
Included in Monthly Account
Not Pay-As-You-Go accounts
Grow: Your Data Expertise
Best value for all-size firms who want to grow their data.
20 rows/day
$110/month (paid annually)
approximately 20¢ per row*
Scale: Up to Enterprise
A plan designed to give large firms the flexibility to enhance all the lists that they need.
500 rows/day
Ask Us!
At larger scale, API options are also available.
More than 500 rows per day?
We can process reports with many thousands of rows. For larger needs, we can provide direct APIs that connect to most data sources.
Looking for more information?
We’re happy to discuss details!