Filtering Search Results by Title Now Available

We've been busy at Docket Alarm evaluating your product improvement requests and implementing time-saving changes while conducting your legal research.  One new small but powerful refinement that will help  you narrow your search is an ability to filter by title.  Here is what we mean.

When you perform a search for say, "Apple v. Samsung" you get results for all dockets containing these keywords anywhere in the docket text.  While this type of broad search may help you start with a bird's eye overview, sometimes you may want to narrow the results to just docket titles that contain this text.

So where is this feature located?  In the search bar you'll notice a gear icon just before the court drop down menu.  Clicking on the icon will reveal a number of other search filters.  From there, you'll want to find the "Filter By:" section and click on the drop down menu.  The drop down menu will reveal the "title" option for you to choose.  Once you choose the title option, just type in your keywords/phrases in the search field.  Click submit and your search results will now be filtered by title only.

While this may seem like a small feature addition, it is still a very powerful time saver.  And after all, saving you time, delivering you ongoing value, and making your legal research easier and more effective is a core mission of Docket Alarm.  Try it for yourself today and keep those feature requests coming.  We are always looking for ways to improve the way you perform legal research!

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