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Five Strategies for Conducting Better Docket Research

Docket Alarm gives attorneys the ability to take their docket research to the next level. With a suite of tools that streamlines your search process and maximizes your results, Docket Alarm makes legal research more accurate and relevant than ever before. Here are five ways attorneys can use Docket Alarm to conduct better docket research.

1. Search Across All of PACER

Instead of searching individual databases, use Docket Alarm to search all of PACERat once. Docket Alarm searches all federal court cases simultaneously.

Get the Federal Circuit Disposition Sheet with Docket Alarm's Tracking Tools

With the recent retirement of the Federal Circuit’s daily disposition sheet, you may be wondering how you can get the latest opinions and orders of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The Court’s announcement suggests attorneys visit PACER to view information that used to appear in the disposition sheet. However, viewing the latest CAFC developments on PACER is neither easy nor free. The Court also offers updates on their website that you can check daily— which adds yet another task to your “to do” list.

Use Docket Alarm to Supplement Your Legal Research

While major legal research providers have extensive coverage of court cases, their coverage is not comprehensive. By using Docket Alarm’s research engine in conjunction with other research providers such as Westlaw and LexisNexis, attorneys can be sure they have access to every federal docket, Patent Trial and Appeal Board docket, and International Trade Commission investigation.

Federal Courts PACER

While some of the large legal research engines have around 160,000 documents / year in their federal case databases, Docket Alarm keep tabs on over 250,000 federal court documents each year. Docket Alarm links directly to the PACER database, enabling attorneys to search for and download new cases uploaded to PACER before they become available in other databases.

Using Docket Alarm to Research an Expert on PACER

In high stakes litigation, an expert’s testimony can be determinative of the outcome of a case. It is of the utmost importance to ensure your expert is not only qualified and experienced in their area of expertise, but has offered credible testimony in past litigation

Using Docket Alarm, you can quickly search for a particular individual and find all of their litigation history in the US Court PACER database. Using terms and connectors, you can conduct a search of PACER dockets and documents that leverages the relationship between the expert’s name and keywords indicative of the expert’s credibility.

The New Resource for All Things PACER

Part important public resource, part anachronistic PDF filing cabinet, PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) is outdated at best and downright primitive at worst.