Using Docket Alarm to Research an Expert on PACER

In high stakes litigation, an expert’s testimony can be determinative of the outcome of a case. It is of the utmost importance to ensure your expert is not only qualified and experienced in their area of expertise, but has offered credible testimony in past litigation

Using Docket Alarm, you can quickly search for a particular individual and find all of their litigation history in the US Court PACER database. Using terms and connectors, you can conduct a search of PACER dockets and documents that leverages the relationship between the expert’s name and keywords indicative of the expert’s credibility.

A search for the keyword “expert” within 20 words of the keyword “perjured” or the phrase “not credible”, along with the expert’s name (e.g., “John Milton”) quickly returns an opinion that addresses this particular expert’s veracity.

In Cedar Petrochemicals, Inc. v. Dongbu Hannong Chemical Co., Ltd., the court goes into great detail about this particular expert’s lack of credibility. The court addresses his lack of involvement in initial and overall investigations, his misrepresentations of reports he had authored, his lack of applicable or academic experience regarding the subject matter in dispute, his inability to tie his articles and reports to specific evidence regarding the matter at hand, and his lack of experiential qualifications. See Cedar, 1:06-cv-03972, No. 182 at 21-22 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 21, 2013).

You can easily determine from this result that this particular expert is greatly lacking in most of the basic qualifications needed for credible expert testimony and has a propensity for overstatement and misrepresentation. Researching an expert through Docket Alarm allows you to make fast, reliable judgment calls on whether or not to hire an expert. Docket Alarm’s powerful search engine reduces the laborious process of researching and vetting an expert to mere minutes, saving you time, money and giving you confidence in your expert’s testimony.

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