How Can I Track Companies Being Sued?

Docket Alarm’s comprehensive platform has many tools to help you keep track of companies and their legal affairs.  For example, Docket Alarm’s email alert tool helps keep you informed of the latest litigation developments involving a specific company. When a new lawsuit is filed that the company is a party to, or when there is a new development in an existing case involving that company, an update will be sent right to your inbox.

To create an email alert for a particular company, simply enter the company’s name in Docket Alarm’s Federal Court Case Alert Tool and click on the “View New Lawsuits” button. You will see a list of results showing all lawsuits involving that company, beginning with the most recent and going back in chronological order.

On this page, users have the option to view or track individual lawsuits. Once you click on the “track” button, you will see a box prompting you to select preferences for the email alert you wish to create. The frequency at which you receive email alerts is highly customizable— you can elect to receive alerts on a weekly, daily, or even continuously. Once you have selected your preferences, you simply click the “Start Tracking” button to create the alert for that particular case.

The email alerts sent to your inbox contain a brief summary of the update, along with a PDF attachment of the filing. Because these alerts contain all information relevant to the update, you don’t have to log into the platform to get caught up to speed. 

Another way you can track litigation involving a specific company is by clicking on the “Get New Lawsuit Alerts” button at the top of the results page. This allows you to receive email updates at a selected frequency when there is any type of new lawsuit filed against the company you wish to follow.

Take advantage of Docket Alarm’s email alerts tool to stay up-to-date on the latest litigation affecting companies by signing up at

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