Financial Firms Use Docket Alarm to Gain Insight Into Market Fluctuations

While Docket Alarm was built to be a one-stop legal research and analytics platform, its uses go well beyond the legal sector. Financial firms use Docket Alarm’s features to help track and analyze influential court cases that have the potential to impact the stock market. Additionally, firms can save time by using Docket Alarm’s automated, up-to-the-minute analytics to evaluate publicly traded companies, potential borrowers, and other entities.

High Frequency Day Trading

Some court decisions are so important they impact national and international financial markets. Decisions from these cases can cause stocks to sink or soar. Financial firms need to track these cases and quickly analyze their outcomes in order to make beneficial trades from these momentum swings.

Docket Alarm can help by providing day traders with immediate, up-to-the-minute updates on these important cases.
Users can set up email alerts for publicly traded companies involved in litigation and have updates delivered right to their inbox as frequently as they wish.

Docket alarm also has analysis software that provides users with near real-time case information along with the basic holding of each case. This information can be used by financial professionals to quickly determine a decision’s impact on the market. Case outcome have been known to cause market swings by 20%. Thus, informed traders who act early are in a unique position to benefit from these swings. Docket Alarm’s tracking and analytics provides financial professionals with the latest litigation updates to help them stay ahead of the market.

Financial professionals can sign up today at to receive the latest litigation updates that impact the market.

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