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Leverage Your Research History with Docket Alarm Search History

Docket Alarm is excited to announce the release of visual search history, allowing you to easily track and browse your past research activity. Having search history at your fingertips means you never have to waste time reconstructing a previous search or digging up a document you previously found. If you find a great case or formulate a good search string, it will be automatically saved in your history log.

Search History on Docket Alarm
Picking up on a query from a prior session is easy— scroll through the entries in your search history log and select a query with a single click to instantly re-run the search or access a previously viewed docket or document.

Docket Alarm Helps Journalists Stay Abreast of the Latest Legal News

More than just a legal research engine, Docket Alarm is a multifaceted analytics platform and source database that journalists, day traders, and other professionals can utilize to their advantage.

Instead of continuously searching disorganized databases, court dockets, and PACER, journalists can use Docket Alarm’s user-friendly search tool to see the latest court cases involving Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, and other entities. Then, using Docket Alarm’s Federal Court casealert tool, reporters can track developments related to specific parties and tech centers in order to stay up-to-date on the latest legal and business news.

Unboxing Videos are Fun and Lucrative, But Are they Legal?

The recent YouTube phenomenon of “unboxing”- opening the contents of packaged tech items or toys with an accompanying review or description- has proved incredibly lucrative for a variety YouTube contributors. These videos get millions of views, along with millions of dollars in ad revenue. Perhaps the most famous of the unboxing contributors is an unidentified woman known only by her YouTube handle: FunToyzCollector (formerly “DisneyCollectorBR”). It has been said that she is currently YouTube’s highest paid star, grossing over $4.9 million dollars in 2014 from her channel.

It’s easy to see how FunToyzCollector’s videos became so popular: her reviews of toys give kids (and yes, some adults) sneak peaks at the latest and greatest.

Know Your PTAB Judges: Meet PTAB Judge Justin T. Arbes

Welcome to the first installment of Docket Alarm’s Know Your PTAB Judge newsletter. Each month, we will be featuring a profile on a different PTAB judge. This month, we are proud to feature Judge Justin T. Arbes for our kick-off edition.

Judge Arbes is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law.