New Docket Alarm Enhance Feature Empowers Use of Litigation Data Feeds

Litigation data feeds can often be overwhelming for law firms. Valuable time is taken to manually sift through cases, often, with no access to underlying sources or materials. Litigation feeds should be easier to manage and read, with links to complaints and docket sheets that can lead to actionable insights a firm can use to better serve their clients.

With this goal in mind, Docket Alarm built a solution that combines the power of an email processing system with an adaptable litigation docket research tool. Docket Alarm Enhance will take your litigation reports and add live links to dockets and complaints, additional columns on parties, judges, firms, case status, and more. It will also generate a beautiful email that can then be forwarded to attorneys.

There are two easy ways to get started enhancing your reports:

  1. Use the Docket Alarm Enhance dashboard

    Simply go to the Docket Alarm Enhance dashboard (at to drop your sheet into the uploader. Choose the type of document you are trying to enhance, whether that be a list of cases, a list of parties, or a one-off case dinger. Once you've chosen your settings, in just a few clicks, the enhanced document will be returned back to you.

    Docket Alarm Enhance Dashboard

  2. Forward your spreadsheet to Docket Alarm

    On the dashboard, you'll see an email address. Forward the report to the email address and you'll receive clean, organized data that is prepped to be easily readable by attorneys and analysts. It acts as a seamless addition to your workflow, providing the opportunity to generate greater insights from litigation reports.

    You can further automate Docket Alarm Enhance by setting up an auto-forwarding rule in your email, particularly helpful when you want to Enhance reports that typically arrive by email.

We have several plans for firms of any size. Docket Alarm Enhance is available to all users with a Docket Alarm account. 5/rows per day are included with your Docket Alarm subscription. If you have more data to enhance, upgrade to the Grow (20 rows/day) or Enterprise (500 rows/day).

If you're a larger firm who needs more rows, Docket Alarm can handle that. We can process reports with many thousands of rows. For larger needs, Docket Alarm can provide a direct API that connects to most data sources.

Ready to get started with Docket Alarm's newest feature? Visit You can also read the press release here.

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