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In June, Docket Alarm met an exciting milestone: over 400 million dockets and over 900 counties are now included in Docket Alarm's coverage, in addition to federal courts and agencies.

Today, we're proud to announce Docket Alarm has expanded to include the courts listed below. And make sure to continue reading to learn about yet another innovation the Docket Alarm team has been working on.

Ohio State, Court of Claims is a court of limited jurisdiction and hears claims including those against the state of Ohio and appeals made by the Ohio Attorney General.

Beautiful Napa County, California is the 22nd county we've added to Docket Alarm's California county coverage, along with Yuba County, California  (located near Sacramento) bringing us to 23 California counties covered in Docket Alarm.

We've added six Massachusetts state courts to Docket Alarm, each with a specific purpose. 
  1. Massachusetts State, Boston Municipal Court - handles both criminal and civil matters for the City of Boston. DA's coverage includes all eight divisions: BMC Brighton, BMC Central, BMC Charlestown, BMC Dorchester, BMC East Boston, BMC Roxbury, BMC South Boston, BMC West Roxbury Division
  2. Massachusetts State, District Court – covers all 61 districts of MA.
  3. Massachusetts State, Housing Court – overs all housing courts including Central, Eastern, Metro South, Northeast, Southeast, Western.
  4. Massachusetts State, Land Court – covers all cases involved real property for all of MA.
  5. Massachusetts State, Probate and Family Court – the court has 14 divisions and covers all family-related and probate matters.
  6. Massachusetts State, Superior Court – this court is the trial court of general jurisdiction for all of MA. With 20 different courthouses spread out, this court covers all of MA.
District of Columbia, Superior Courts — this court is the trial court of general jurisdiction for DC. DC Superior Court joins DC Court of Appeals, which launched in 2019.

Click here for an in-depth look at Docket Alarm's coverage.

Docket Alarm State and Federal Court Bulk Download

Another important update from Docket Alarm: Now in conjunction with Docket Alarm's API, Docket Alarm API partners can use our new open source tool available for easy bulk downloads! Use the tool to quickly consume a large number of cases and pull down all data and documents for those cases. In fact, this tool is already being successfully used by a major non-profit to bring speed and accuracy to data collection for a large-scale legal information project. More details to come in the fall on this exciting project! This 1-click signup will register you for updates and the Docket Alarm team will reach out with more information on the new open source tool.

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