Advanced Search Tools to Find the Right Court Decision

Terms and connectors searching allow users to string together multiple complex queries. Say you are searching for §112 issues in a patent case. You may search for “written description invalidity” to find relevant information. However, this search will return any result that uses those three words. By using terms and connectors, you can narrow your query: (written w/3 description) w/10 invalidity. This query indicates that you are looking for results where the word “description” appears within three words of “written”, and “invalidity” appears within ten words of that combination.

Terms and connectors searching is also helpful in finding cases whose characteristics match your own. For example, if you are involved in a case dealing with first amendment rights around displaying the confederate flag, you may construct a terms and connectors query that looks like this:

This query will return results that have the word amendment appearing within 3 words of the word first, the word flag appearing within three words of the word confederate, and with the latter appearing within 50 words of the former. Results for this query will include a variety of discussions involving the elements of first amendment rights and the confederate flag without limiting the scope of the search to cases with exact language.

Advanced PTAB Search Using Filters

Docket Alarm is the only research platform that has a dedicated Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) search engine. The PTAB search engine has multiple filters to make it easy to find decisions on specific topics. Users can utilize outcome filters to narrow search results to particular motions in PTAB cases. For example, searching “outcome:(joinder)” will return all decisions on a motion for joinder, while “outcome:(sanction)” will return all decisions on a motion for sanctions.

Check out this order where the court approved the filing of a motion for sanctions by petitioner, Square, Inc. Square alleged that the patent owner sent a harassing email to its expert witness, threatening to publicly shame and file legal action against the witness if he did not withdraw his testimony.

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