Real-Time Analytics for High-Risk Lending

Lenders can join the growing ranks of financial professionals utilizing Docket Alarm to enhance their businesses. Not merely for attorneys, Docket Alarm’s search and analytics platform help lenders easily conduct due diligence and even automate due diligence tasks. This is most beneficial when information on a potential borrower is scarce.

Data points from Docket Alarm can be used to evaluate the level of risk associated with lending to certain borrowers, industries, and geographical areas. For example, users can view and track the number of bankruptcies for a in a geographic area, whether the bankruptcies for that entity are tending upward or downward, the bankruptcy history for a particular entity or individual, the litigation history for a particular entity or individual, and more. Moreover, this data is always up-to-date, so you can be confident that you are provided with the latest, most accurate information.

Lenders can also flag entities and individuals to receive continuous, automated updates on their bankruptcy and litigation records. Once you conduct a bankruptcy or litigation search on a party, you can click the “Track this Search” button to receive an alert when a new bankruptcy or litigation docket is created or when an existing docket is updated. These alerts are sent right to your inbox, and contain a summary along with a PDF attachment of the new or updated document. This feature eliminates the need to login to the platform to view new information.

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Docket Alarm is an advanced search and litigation tracking service for the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB), the International Trade Commission (ITC), Bankruptcy Courts, and Federal Courts across the United States. Docket Alarm searches and tracks millions of dockets and documents for thousands of users.

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