Automatically Track Lawsuits (so you don't have to)

A major challenge facing firms and in-house legal departments is staying abreast of new lawsuits relevant to their clients and respective practice areas. Most firms employ paralegals to constantly check the court docket, while others have created their own platform by piecing together various services and tools.  Not enough  are taking advantage of readily available solutions.

Google Alerts: Information Overload

One such tool favored by many is Google’s “Alerts” feature, which allows an individual to enter a keyword or phrase as they would if conducting a search, and receive updates on that information. When new content is uploaded to the web containing the saved word or phrase, Google sends you an email alert with a link to the related content.

While this seems like an efficient way of tracking new litigation, it is hardly a realistic solution. Envision a scenario where you create a Google Alert for “Apple Patent Lawsuits” because you are interested in staying up to date on the company’s aggressive IP enforcement. Yes, you will receive any news related to new lawsuits involving Apple’s patents, but you miss many of the lower-profile lawsuits that Apple is involved with that do not receive press coverage.  Further, the information you receive will almost certainly be late because you will only find cases when a reporter decided to pick up a pen and write an article.  You will also receive alerts regarding any new content that contains that phrase. Your inbox will be stuffed with alerts for “Apple Patents” that will likely not even contain the information you need. 

While Google Alerts is far more useful than scouring individual legal blogs and news sources, it is by no means a simple or comprehensive solution.

Why Docket Alarm is Different 

Unlike generic alerts, Docket Alarm doesn’t give you the fire hose of the Internet, but instead delivers truly relevant and useful information to your inbox. When you use Docket Alarm’s Federal Court Case Alert Tool to sign up for a particular alert, you receive a link to the latest filings directly from the courts with the ability to filter by lawsuit type. Not only are you alerted to new complaints and decisions, but you are also alerted when new motions, oppositions and any other pleadings have been filed concerning a particular party.

Additionally, your email alert will contain a summary of the update, allowing you to immediately evaluate its relevance without having to click on the link and read through the document.

Follow this link to quickly see a comprehensive list of all new lawsuits involving Apple’s patents. Click on the “Get New Lawsuit Alerts!” button to receive an alert whenever a new patent case is filed involving Apple.

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