CodeX Brings IP Innovators to the 2015 ALM Legal Tech Show

Docket Alarm was proud to be a part of the 2015 ALM Legal Tech Conference, which took place from February 3rd to February 5th in New York City. One of the most talked about features of this year’s conference was the CodeX Pavilion— a curated grouping of law startups and other legal tech innovators. CodeX, a product of The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, focuses on law technology, particularly on computational law. CodeX sought to bring together companies and individuals disrupting the practice of law through technological innovation.

The intellectual property sector was well represented at the CodeX Pavilion, with almost half of the startups focusing on some aspect of IP law. These companies included Docket Alarm, IPNexus, Patent Vector, and Plain Legal.

Docket Alarm was excited to present to conference attendees its recently unveiled analytics platform, in addition to its current bevy of legal research and alert tools. Using the analytics platform, attorneys can view statistics on every aspect of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), including statistics on judges, parties, tech sectors, procedures, and more. These statistics can be used to gain insight into judicial opinions, track the behavior of parties, and even predict litigation outcomes. Attorneys can utilize Docket Alarm’s analytics to devise successful litigation strategies.

IPNexus describes itself as an IP exchange platform. They seek to connect all actors in the IP sector— inventors, universities, startups, and entrepreneurs— with IP protection specialists. These specialists include patent attorneys, IP lawyers, patent agents, and other professionals that can help generate assets and protect proprietary property.  

Patent Vector allows users to discover important and influential patents by leveraging inter-patent relationships. Patent Vector has scrapped the entire internet, creating a platform that maps relationships between every patent from 1976 onward. This allows users to understand the overall patent landscape, and provides important context individual patents.

Plain Legal offers cloud-based software for IP lawyers, with a focus on streamlining their practices. Plain Legal’s products include intake software geared towards the identification of IP assets, automatic document generation, filing services, and docketing services.

Overall, Stanford’s CodeX Pavilion was a success, drawing many attendees, and bringing a much-needed infusion of new technology and innovation to the ALM Legal Tech Conference.

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